Saturday, April 09, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Whoa! After a real night's sleep and a day of goofing off I feel like Superman again. I took the doggie for a walk, ate some stuff, got the mail, took some dictation for a school project, drove kids around, bought couple of CD's (Cake: Fashion Nugget & Weezer), you know, Saturday stuff.

Now for something witty(?):

When in The Illinois I saw bu-jillions of The Cornfields. I never imagined that we needed that much corn. Do we? What if we covered up some of these corn fields with solar panels and put wind turbines in between the rows of panels? (It was hella windy there) Would this make corn chips and syrup more expensive and electricity less expensive? Would that make us thinner and less dependent on The Spice Oil?

Oh but wait, that would kill the family farm lifestyle that we revere... but then why does ADM get such support in Congress?

At least in Illinois you can smoke at the table in the restaurant and ride your motorcycle with a naked head.

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