Saturday, July 09, 2005

Almost perfect

On opening night, as luck would have it, the second half of my first line as Anagnos went blank from when it was getting from my memory into my "say this next" buffer. So there was a slight pause as I wound forward to my next line, that now made a little lot less sense than usual as I said it. Then I realized that the second half of the first line was where I announced Annie's name; I needed to get that part in. With a little on-the-fly wordsmithing I was able to announce Annie, then return to my regularly scheduled broadcast. The overall effect was acceptable but the break really threw me and my timing and delivery were affected throughout the scene.

Despite all this, the audience still clapped at the end of the scene. I was astonished.

Troy and Kate heard the break (well Troy said he did and Kate said she didn't, then later recanted under oath) and they must have been using Jedi mind tricks to get me through it. Thanks guys!

Other than that, opening night was pretty fun, except for the part where the kids were grousing at each other backstage. I could have strangled them. I had to use Stern Daddy Words.

On arriving home after the gala and sweet exhausted goodbyes, the ladies were hard at work getting ready to go to renfaire in Novato. We were up till like 3am or something loading the car, sewing the thingys, and getting camping stuff ready. Jess and Amy are gonna camp. Sounds very tiring to me.

We're off to the movie this afternoon to see Fantastic Four, then we do the show again tonight.

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