Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh, oh, oh, I'm.. al..most... there!

Opening night is a couple of days away and tonight we have a preview audience. Let me tell you now, these people are definitely going to get their $5 worth. The set looks stunning, the onstage drama is starting to overflow the fourth wall, and the internal drama is all winding down. (Told ya.)

The show promises to have everyone in tears at the end, just like it was written.

Only a moment till I drive the 'burb over the bridge... Looking forward to tonight.


Anonymous said...

Okay, gloatmeister.

Rob likes to sing a little song in this type of situation. Remind me to teach you the melody. The lyrics are:

I was right
You were wrong
I was right
That's why I'm singing this song

Unknown said...

What a smart fellow!