Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lazy eye

Today started entirely too early, up at the crack of 9 to take one of the boys off to play. Then the last Miracle Worker matinee (but only the first act), off to pickup the other boy. Today was a rare moment, all five of us were in different places and no one at a school or work.

I've been trying to write poetry. (not rhyming, but I don't know what to call it) I enjoy it because it allows me to capture my thoughts that are more like feelings and less like narratives. So far I don't have anything to share with all of you gentle readers. Maybe when I get something I like, and that I think will be understood, I'll share.

I'm sure it won't measure up to (fill in the name of famous poet here) or (and here too), but I'm just going to keep writing until I don't want to anymore.

The kind of things I like in poetry is really sappy love stuff. Sentimental thoughts are very strong for me and I revel in finding the right words to say them. For example there is a piece of music that I am especially fond of that deals with love held over a long period of time. The song goes:
there's a lazy eye that looks at you
and sees you the same as before
when you lay beside me every night
though now you are with me no more

i can still see the hem of your dress
and the comb as it's parting your hair
and the person i held is still there in my
lazy eye that looks at you
and sees you the same as before
It's by Hem
Look here as well

So that is the kind of poetry I'd like to write. Not that lyrical, but with that intensity of feeling and sentiment. And yes, the world is full of blockheads like myself who think they can be poets, but hopefully I can write well enough to please myself, and that's enough.

See you at the theatre!


Anonymous said...

writing poetry is often frought with peril, but I think you're up to the task.

Unknown said...

Attt leestr Io cann tipe.

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite poetry is the stuff that doesn't rhyme. William Stafford, for instance. Don't over-analyze it. Just write. It will find its own logic and lyricism.