Saturday, July 02, 2005

A watched pot...

Just picked up the pizzas and then cooked the other two first. So my pizza takes 45 minutes. Next time, my pizza first. S'pose I should have a cocktail while waiting for pizza to cook.

A great day of building on the Miracle Worker set today. There were lots of helping hands, I think there were ten of us. Rob brought Kate and she bravely documented all the prop and set change business with her hurty foot up. Patty brought all of us sandwich fixins. (yay!) Kevin bought me a coffee and Danish, and built stuff, what a guy. We built a pump/bench/cover thingy (Troy designed in general terms and cheered while I built it.) Mary, Patty, and Dawn painted nearly everything in sight. Jim came and pitched in. Paula painted! And Greg built a killer window frame. We ended the day making keyhole plates, and vacuuming. What fun!

I have to say a huge thank you to my Mother in law who ferried the teenager to and from a concert in the city (Green Day +), AND watched the young one all day. I would not have been able to put in a day of building without her help, since the ladies of the house were renfairing.

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Anonymous said...

Lydia is so awesome. She's always been cool, but now she's ultracool. We all appreciate very much that she stepped up and allowed you to be available to assist us today. The pump structure is a work of art! Thanks, Mr. Bob.