Friday, July 08, 2005

Dinner and a Show

Well this is the time that we were waiting for, opening night. Last night was really great and the preview audience really enjoyed the show. In these last few minutes I'm getting a quick dinner then off I go.

The last couple of weeks have been tumult and late nights. I'm getting ready for the show, the ladies are getting ready for the renfaire. My show opens in two hours, the faire goes up tomorrow. We've been building a set or sewing something until late for some time now.

We do it because it's fun. It has been a fun couple of weeks for me, kind of a slog for the ladies. Their real fun comes soon when they get to go and pretend for hours at a time. I envy them a bit since I'm onstage for about four minutes, they're on all day.

Tonite is the Gala after the opening, a few little plastic glasses of wine and some crackers. What a blast!

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