Sunday, October 23, 2005

Amy, what you gonna do?

Hi Amy. I heard that Amy song in the car parts store today. I never realized that I liked that song so much. I sang the whole damn thing. (Don't worry Amy, it isn't creepy at all. I liked the song way before you were born.)

We bought a car.
We needed a automatic transmission thingy for the boy to drive, plus it'll come in handy for Sharon's gimpy arm. We got some new front tires for it.

We are all healing up, and we realized today that we have lots of Vicodin left over. Oh well, we entertain a lot at the holidays.

My new boss finally shows up at work on Monday. Maybe we'll get to talk.

We helped pick up after the renfaire today. At one point there were about sixteen people working, three of them were men. (that means roughly 13 women for those of you who may be math challenged, and remember we are talking renfaire women here) Then the 'fearless leader' Lisa stood up and said that we all might go to the Collier's to go hot tubbing. Then she called for a show of hands as to who had forgotten their swimsuit. About fifteen hands went up. The other group leader turned to me and said, "Wipe that grin off your face." I'm all like, 'what grin?'. (. )( .)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Bob!
I thought about you a lot when I read Oliver Twist.
And also when i see bottles of gin.