Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hey, we actually finished something!

We went to the annual pumpkin party hosted by our good friends Janet and Bob and did all the eating and chatting and carving needed to get the newhallowthanksmas season started. There were lots of goodies to eat. This is Sharon's pumpkin. She drew it and I did some of the carving due to her healing shoulder. (Coming along nicely, thank you!)

Then today we got off our butts and did some work. We got the salmon bay pebbles (above) and filled in around the flagstone. This was easy compared to putting in the stone.
So now it looks like this. Note the furry black inspector with muddy paws.
Close up it looks like this, which we really like. :-)


Anonymous said...

looks fabulous! boobs!

Anonymous said...

Wow Bobster, that looks really great. Congrats on the beautiful backyardage.

Anonymous said...

Also, thanks to you and your lovely wife for the "Epic Proportions" recommend, but alas, I wasn't able to get down there and see it before it closed. I did give Bruce that script, though, so I was pretty happy to hear that he liked it enough to mount a production of it... Cool.