Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Two, two, two mints in one

More like three fillings in one sitting. Now my mouth feels numb and it feels like I sound like a stroke victim, though the family tells me I sound normal. (Ha!) I just tried eating a snack. It was difficult, though when I say it, it sounds like dithiculth.

Now you might think that three fillings in one sitting is an indication that I have let myself go dentally speaking, but two of them were to replace many year old fillings that were wearing out. It seems that they are more like tires than anything else, they have a 20,000 meal lifetime. I chose to get them all done today so I only had one anesthesia to get over. It sucketh to have to replace 20 year old fillings because it doesn't seem like 20 years but you are reminded that it really is.

But enough toothy news. Healing from surgery continues apace. :-)

We all went to the big rehearsal for the Coventry Carolers and sang lots of songs that I didn't know. Also, since a bass almost never sings the melody, I had to try to remember how to read music, which I was never very good at. It was, um... fun. Eventually I got tired and then we stopped and we all ate soup and stuff. That was good too. We have another rehearsal coming up and then mopre rehearsals at workshops.

I am hooking up with the carolers this year to get more time with my sweetie and away from the Temperance Union. I actually like singing a lot more than the Temperance stuff, which was lots of improv in a character and story I didn't really like. The TU also suffers from dimunition from the Fair honchos which was harshes my mellow.

I'm looking forward to Fair. The atmosphere is unlike anything else and all of the people are like one giant circle of friends. So many people have known each other for so long and been so close that the whole experience is really intimate feeling. It is also such a safe place for the eclectic behaviors that everyone feels the freedom to be very open with each other. More than that, the general tone is supportive and celebratory so it is really easy to have a very good time. Hugging friends is encouraged.

The only downside to the whole "everybody seems to be on ecstasy" feeling is that there is a heightened possibilities for "drama". This usually manifests itself in the "I don't talk to them, EVER." sort of thing. Other times there is an actual outbreak of "words" which frequently leads to the "EVER" situation above. But as a wise man once said, "It isn't little theatre without a little drama."

Last but not least, I still need to make a costume (Frock coat & pants). We have a pattern but have not bought fabric, or anything alse... We have a ways to go.

Hope to see you all at Dickens Christmas Fair 2005 starting November 26th at the Cow Palace in South San Francisco, weekends 11 AM till 7.


Anonymous said...

hey, I just noticed that you linked to me and rest assured that I am not gay, I just like boobs. The pretty ones, anyway. :-)

Unknown said...

Of course I linked to you. You're funny. And based on the goo goo eyes you make over Scott, I didn't think you played on the other team, so to speak. (. )( .)

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