Sunday, October 30, 2005

She runs like a girl

Hello my adoring readers. If you don't want to know something about how I think (or if parenthetical asides bother you), do not read this post. If you have a thought on how I think, post a comment.

Having a great morning doing almost absolutely nothing... had pumpkin pie for breakfast (the perfect breakfast food) and mindlessly surfing the internet. Ran across a site while browsing for tame pictures of, um... (. )( .)s. It captivated me, and I read what seemed like half of the site. And no, the site has NO nakey pictures.

There are a zillion "lifestyle" sites. This one is aimed at women, with a pink home page no less. When I run across lifestyle sites, I often browse them a bit and move on, unmoved. The Men's Sites always seem to have a sort of sweaty Maxim magazine sort of thing (NEW HOT pictures of Alicia Silverstone like you've NEVER seen her!), or a too geeky college guy thing whining on about DRM and downloads. I tend to like the sites that are aimed at women (magazines too). Some sites are just to effing edgy, with harsh pictures, bad language, and too much implied narcissism for my taste. Then there are the sites that are just too earnestly wholesome for my taste. (I like salt AND pepper in my soup.) I think there is a large segment here.

That's why (I suppose) I like and read blogs that are written by women (but not gurlz!). They tend towards edgy or a bit sexy, but they retain their dignity and try not to take themselves too seriously. Yet at the same time they ultimately reveal the human feelings of fear and desire that drive us all. Men tend to hide these feelings (deeply!) and write about them even less. In this sense, I identify more with women than men, and more of my close friendships are with women than with men.

Like Goldilocks said, this one was just right. So, to put it plainly, if you want to know ONE dimension of things that I find intriguing and interesting, visit the site.

Oh, and Happy Halloween too (if I don't see you before tomorrow night (that's probably all fifteen of you (wishful thinking on readership numbers)))!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever read Cynthia Heimel? I think you'd like her. I'm just sayin'.

Unknown said...

When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. Seems like I got that advice somewhere along the road.