Friday, October 28, 2005

Travels to Foreign Lands

Sharon and I actually left our house today and drove the 25 miles to San Francisco. (shocking, I know) We proceeded to go shopping at Britex. After finding the perfect woolen cloth for Mr Brownlow's bottle green coat we looked at the price, um... $125/yard. A little too much, eh? The very helpful Douglas Davis (what a nice guy) suggested we look in the remnants section on the fourth floor. So we did, where to our delight we found some very similar cloth for $49 for 2-3/8 yard, just enough for my frock coat. Yay!

Then we found the perfect houndstooth wool silk blend for the pants I need to make. Only $125. Okay the pants will be a bit pricey, but the stuff feels like buttah, like buttah do you hear me!?

We got the buttons on the third floor from the very helpful Louise, whose husband is really tall like yours truly, except she's kinda short. She says, "What's the deal with real tall guys and short girls?" I told her it was a family friendly sort of store so I couldn't really tell her the answer to her question. She seemed to understand.

Then we needed a spot of food cause we'd skipped lunch and it was like 4:30 or something. So it was up the elavator to the top of The Macy*s to The Cheesecake Factory. They took good care of us.

Then we bopped around a bit, then went to Coit Tower and saw the really cool 1934 era frescoes and looked out over the big ships in the surrounding bay as the sprinkling started. We then headed for home since it was getting dark and our fleeting plan to see Twin Peaks was dashed by the setting sun and mean icky traffic.

Now all I need to do is sew a pair of Victorian period mens trousers out of beautiful expensive fabric, and a Victorian frock coat out of somewhat less expensive fabric. This should be a cinch since I have sewn exactly one garment in my life. I have four weeks. Since Sharon just had The Surgery on The Shoulder, she'll be able to give helpful hints but not much actual sewing. If you want to help, (and you can really sew) give us a call.

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