Monday, March 06, 2006

Better living through theatre

Today (Sunday) started kinda lousy. Nothing was going right and everyone was cranky, even yours truly. We mostly got over it. I went off to tech Sunday for Mattress which you are all coming to see, and the ladies went to a renfaire thing.

Now I warn you, the next part is graphic, remember, I'm playing Sir Studley after all.

The costume I am wearing includes padded sleeve things that make it look as if I have big are muscles (which I do not). The rest of the costume consists of a doublet (think fitted bodice and rather short skirt) that I wear loosely laced OVER MY BARE CHEST. (I warned you.)

Needless to say the female members of the cast were all quite amused at the sight. My dance partner for The Spanish Panic (who is 14 years old) proclaimed that she could no longer dance with me since it was too creepy to dance with a hairy chested man. I didn't point out to her that I had the hair under my shirt the whole time we have been dancing up until now. She will just have to get over it. I have a picture of me in the costume but I am too lazy to post it at this hour.

Lots of rehearsing was tiring but at least I'm less cranky than this morning. The show is really coming together now that we have an orchestra.

See you at the show!


Anonymous said...

Wow... can't wait to see you in the doublet...

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, forgot to say ... we will be there on Saturday night.