Thursday, March 02, 2006

How cool is that

I can't believe it's Thursday already. OK I can, but I don't have to like it. My show opens in a week (Saturday the 11th). We're still working things out in rehearsals which are now going straight through til opening night. That's OK, but I'm concerned about the music. Some of the songs are still really far from amazing. That's too bad since the ones with the problems are not the really hard ones. Hmmm.

I'm sure it will all get sorted out. As these things go, it will be like that fellow in Shakespeare in Love said, "It's a miracle."

Hey, let me tell you the greatest thing about being married to my sweetie. This morning when I groggily dragged myself into the bathroom to shower I saw a note on the mirror. It said, "Please unclog the toilet in the kid's bathroom. XO, Me." Isn't that just the sweetest thing, putting a little love note at the end of the request to do something yucky. She loves me and makes it plain in everything she does. I'm tickled pink. (Hi sweetie! XO, Me!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my, god, your blog is getting SPAM!!!!! You have arrived. I think.
I figured I'd better put smootchies on that note, else you'd run naked from the house, screaming. XXOOXXOO, Me : )