Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rows of windows facing the sea

OMG I'm having a blast with this play. I've made some nice friends, really. As one of the cast pointed out, we've spent a few months together, first in cliques and finally now, as a something of a family. That was right on the mark.

We had two shows today. It sounds like double your fun, but it is actually like triple your fun and quadruple the tired. The early show featured my best New Jersey wise guy as Studley, then the evening brought the return of that French guy, Guy. Tomorrow promises the return of Nigel the English fellow. The cast gets a kick out of the accents and it is a great deal of fun. Today at the beginning of the show I had to decide which accent to use. I chose about three seconds before my first line.

I will admit to my back hurting a bit from the Spanish Panic where we lift the girls during the dance. It looks good, but apparently I'm 45 and out of shape for lifting young ladies. Too bad.

I just had a festive adult beverage to celebrate today's shows (with two olives!).

This weekend I saw, out of distance comes perspective, out of the mouths of babes, wisdom, and in a first impression, insight. On reflection I see that which I had overlooked, the joy in a smile, and the love in a simple look. Thank you to all of you who gave me these gifts, even though you have no idea that you did. What a beautiful weekend this has been, and it's only half over.

We have another show to go in about 13 hours. I better go to bed! Nighty noo noo Tracy.

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