Sunday, March 12, 2006

She's in the moat again

Last night's opening of Once Upon A Mattress was glorious. Good times. The show was spot on and the audience really enjoyed it. The musical numbers sounded great, the jokes all worked (OK almost all of them worked) and in the end there was lots of clapping and smiling.

After dashing to get into street clothes, I discovered my cousin and her husband in the lobby! What a surprise. They chided me for not telling them about my previous work at Broadway West since it is only a mile from their house. The rest of the gala was fun and pretty much what I expected. (Read "nothing to write about")

(This is starting to sound like that frickin Ned Flanders wrote it. Hmmm.)

After the gala there was some backstage drinkin' and giggling that went until the producer said in effect, "time to go home so I can leave please". We made sure that our mutual friend got home safe.

Before the show started there was a cast call outside the theatre. (It was cold out there!) There was the usual speechmaking, blah blah blah, but then I was completely surprised to be awarded with something called the Captain's Cape Award which is a big ole red cape that is decorated with gewgaws from all of the other shows. I get two tickets to the opening night of the next show (Mame) and I also get to further decorate the cape and present it to the next winner.

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