Sunday, March 19, 2006

How did she stay awake

Well there are only nine more Mattress shows left, four of them next weekend. Crap. It's getting so fun and then it's gonna end way too soon. Tonight Sir Studley had a fantastic French accent.

The cast was extremely amused.

Hello party people, we need to get the cast parties going already. Maybe I'll start mixin' martinis in the green room like Dickens Fair, or not given the ratio of young punks youthful actors in the chorus. Speaking of youthful exuberance, those little darlings decorated my car for me last night. Surely this is a sign of great affection.

So now that the accent has been put in place, it is time to bring out even more overacting. I'll see what I can come up with.

Oh yeah, I need to go back to work again tomorrow. I took Thursday and Friday off being sick. I got a lot of sleep which helped immensely with the feeling bad. Now I'm feeling pretty fair.

Next weekend should be fun fun fun fun with a show Friday night, two on Saturday, and a Sunday matinee. We'll be living and breathing the show all weekend. We'll be trashed tired but I totally can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Do you know the identity of the TP perps?

Why didn't I think of it first?


Unknown said...

it could only be a few of them...