Monday, April 04, 2005

greetings from Mattoon

We got here after traveling all day, I left home about 12 hours ago, but I'm only in Illinois. I could have gotten to Hawaii faster than this. At least the hotel is decent, with free included wireless Internet. But the room has queen sized beds. Queen sized bed = 73 inches long. Bob = 75 inches long. Can you say diagonal?

I porked up my inbound mail settings at home and lost a day of inbound traffic. Pilot error! All in an effort to avoid the evil spambots. Fukkin spammers make me cwazy.

The Fighting Illini (the college basketball team) is at this very moment playing in the final game of March Madness. People take this really seriously here. I better keep my mouth shut about how little I care about sports.

Gotta go and delete answer a dozen work emails that arrived.


Anonymous said...

Mattoon! One of the accounts I support here is based in Mattoon -- they are called "RURAL KING" -- does that sound appropriate, or what?
And I bet the mood is somber now that NC took the champeenship away from them even though they were ranked #1.
AND... someday I'll give you the long version of the story when I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Chinatown. I'm not even as tall as you, and the bed ended at my shins, and the shower head pointed right at my belly button. Yeesh!

Unknown said...

There are some long faces. The place I am working is a printing plant, so mostly blue collar, and it is literally in the middle of a corn field, though that isn't saying much since everything here is, including this hotel, really. The best thing I saw was a tee shirt that said "Second Place Sucks". I think that sums it up.