Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Way back before you were born

My dear friend Kate is going to Disneyland to get me a Minnie and Mickey Martini glass set, essentially on a whim because they are apparently having some sort of celebration there. Good thing too since I'm sure the place will be deserted like the time we went there last. Seems my friend Walter is going too at the same time. I'm sure they'll have a fun time.

Last time I went somewhere on a whim was to the 1983 US Festival For some reason after seeing the Day 1 event on tee vee Sharon and I decided to go to. We got plane tickets to LA, rented a car right after the morning flight, drove there (San Bernadino), paid to get in and watched the whole day of heavy metal music we didn't really like. Day 1 (Punk) was the headlined by The Clash, Day 3 (New Wave) was headlined by Bowie. Day one or three would have been great. Day 2 was not that good.

By midnight when Van Halen took the stage it was fricken freezing. All day it had been nearly-topless hot, which led to most everyone being in short sleeves or a lot less. Subsequently people built bonfires in the middle of the audience of about 250,000 people, which kinda helped but which didn't seem all that safe. I went and bought a long sleeve tee shirt which helped a lot.

STUPIDLY we left after sleeping overnight in the rented car. For some reason I thought that missing one more day of my $6.50 an hour job was going to hurt my career, plus it was going to be another $50 for tickets and about that much for food. Just goes to show you how stupid those long haired 22 year olds are.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I was the one who had to get back to my absolutely RIVETING job at the bank. I was never so happy as the day I quit.

Anonymous said...

My first reaction on seeing this picture is, "What's that gorgeous girl doing with that WEIRD looking guy?" That, and, "What's with the Matador?"