Thursday, November 17, 2005

In which I learn the meaning of "complicated"

Well after finishing up the vest with pleats, ties, and some plaid-matched pockets, making a garment bag, and ironing a shirt collar, I decided to grit my teeth and get started on The Frock Coat. The pattern says "Advanced" which should suit me OK since I have already made all of one garment that looks good.

So I ironed the pattern out and started cutting out the pieces I needed. There are seventeen of them! Most of the parts are lining, interfacing, and cloth, so I think the coat will have well over fifty individual pieces of material before it's done. Then I made some measurements and lengthened the pieces that need to be longer, including drafting in new cutting lines to get the seam geometry right through the extended sections. There were lots of those too. This took the better part of two hours.

I figure cutting out the wool, the lining, and the interfacing will take about a five hour evening. Assembling the coat will take maybe four or five evenings. As Sharon said the pattern assumes you really know what you are doing and only illustrates the really complicated parts.

If I can make this coat before Fair starts I'll be happy and somewhat surprised. Just the little section on how to put in the pocket is about four column inches... I may be opening Fair in the cutaway coat I bought at rehearsal.

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