Sunday, November 20, 2005

Never on Sunday

Well we had even more rehearsal today with the beginning marked by a very long and, um... interesting all-cast meeting. Suffice to say that everyone involved in the Fair are now ready to meet the public. The unseasonably warm weather makes for some fairly warm days in a lot of wool costumes. It seems to cause giddiness.

Speaking of wool, did I mention I was making a coat? I spent an hour tonight making two seams, the ones that attach the sleeves to the body of the coat. You think casting off (or whatever you call it) is hard; try "easing in the fullness" sometime. (Get your mind out of the gutter, girls. I'm sewing not, um... Never mind.)

First you start with about way too many pins. Then you baste it together by hand, then you stitch it. Hopefully you get it right.

Then after you get the sleeves on you put on the coat and find out how badly you estimated the length of the sleeves. I still have to pad the shoulders out but I think I have them at least 1-1/2 inches too long.

At least I still have three more nights to sew before opening day. It's possible to get done, but I would avoid betting large sums on it.

Oh yeah, the French Postcards "dress" rehearsal was nice. Final rehearsal is tomorrow night, in which we make an attempt at running the show without shouting instructions to each other.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, nice work on the coat. And really, the rehearsal wouldn't have gone nearly as smoothly if you hadn't jumped in like you did. Good job, Mr. Man.

p.s. omigod, boobs. grace, you need to fly out and see this show.

Anonymous said...

oh, if only I could! I would love to see you guys perform. Bob and Kate. Bobo and boobs. hehe.

Bob, the shoulder seams look pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

schnazzy threads, dude! is there ANYTHING you can't do? And I don't know The Grace, but BOOBS!

Unknown said...

Apparently I am somewhat talented. Too bad I'm so modest.