Saturday, November 19, 2005

More, more, more! How do you like it?

More crapola about the coat. (Shocking, I know.) I sewed and sewed. When I looked up at the clock it was like 3 something AM. But I got a lot done. That's lining getting cut out at about 7 PM.

There are oodles of pieces. If I was knitting there would be one very long piece, but instead there are lots of funny shaped pieces that don't want to lay flat. This was about midnight.

This is an "in joke" morning-after view of the front of the coat. Go easy on me; I recently had surgery.

I thought of cropping my dorky looking long (and graying!) beard out of this shot, but it shows the velvet collar. I grew the beard back for the Brownlow part in Dickens Fair, and that's what the coat is for too. Ahh, what we do for Our Art. After closing weekend it's back to the real me.


Anonymous said...

Looking good. The beard makes you look distinguished.

Anonymous said...

I am so frikkin' impressed!!!!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up.

Unknown said...

Thanks Grace. Distinguished sounds lots better than geezer.

Anonymous said...

You're hardly at "geezer" yet, m'dear.