Monday, November 28, 2005

In which picturesque advice was offered

I kinda almost didn't actually do any Dickens Fair stuff today, which felt weird indeed. OK, I did make some calling cards. I mostly just went to work, did some grocery shopping, ate dinner, and read email, and OK, some most of the email was about Fair.

Apparently the Naughty French Postcards show has received its first complaint (via email, how Dickensian). (We must be doing something right!!) There will be some slight changes to make sure that the Dickens Fair brand is maintained in top form. The picture and the dialog will change a little in one vignette, but the sentiment will remain.

One of the istsy bitsy details details about Fair is that people are generally willing to share a sip of what they have in their flask. You get to taste what people like to sip. This weekend I was introduced (by a rather attractive young lady who I recognize but do not know the name of) to something called Stroh 80 that was really quite nice. Wicked strong, but very nice. Whatever your name is, thanks!

That's another thing about Fair, you hardly know anyone's name, but you are all friends indeed. The hard part is that everyone has at least two names, their "Fair Name" and their real name. Lots of people have several characters, which makes it even harder.

People constantly refer to others by these names interchangeably. Then to add to this, people have Faire (renfair) names too to go with the characters there... and you get lots of, "I didn't recognize you in your Dickens Fair costume until you started to talk then I realized you are also [insert renfair character here] at Faire! Isn't that funny..." Oy, my head is starting to spin.

See you at Fair!


Anonymous said...

We got a complaint?!? For WHAT??

Unknown said...

"The Peach"

Anonymous said...

Geez, I gave her a thong.