Friday, November 04, 2005


I am coming down with a cold. If the usual pattern holds I'll be down for a day in the near future, followed by a day or two of sounding like Barry White. Then I'll have congestion that will keep my ears in a pressure imbalance state that is really annoying. However, none of this ever affects my sunny personality, despite the testimony of those around me who say I am quite irritable when I am sick. (I secretly think they may be correct.)

What a great way to start the Holiday Season. At least it is coming earlier this year than last, when I got the cold right near Christmas. It makes it hard to sing for the Caroling Party.

I read through the pattern instructions for my frock coat for Dickens. It sounded like assembly instructions for a nuclear power plant, translated from German. Luckily I am not afraid of seemingly impossible tasks. I just have no idea how I'll do it.

By the way, the holidays will hereafter be referred to as NewHallowThanksMas since *the holidays* seem to blend into *one* large event that begins on labor day and ends in a sudden sober awakening on January 2nd, whereupon you say, "What the hell happened to my wallet waist?"

Note to self: Start shopping sewing.


Anonymous said...

Happy NewHallowThanksMas! Take some kind of zinc lozenge. Maybe that will help with the cold. Hope you don't get sick. And good boobs luck with the sewing.

Unknown said...

See, it is kind of like a knitting blog. OK maybe like a sewing blog, well once in a while anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think it's really cool that you sew. My sewing isn't fit for public....or private.

Unknown said...

I hope mine will at least pass the costume inspection. I do have expert help from Mrs. Flaming Scroll of Doom so all should be well.