Friday, November 25, 2005

Whoa that's a mighty nice Fair you got there kids

Fair opened right on schedule.

No I didn't finish my flippin coat, though I did stay up till way too friggin late trying. Tonight I will triumph! There will be pictures!

Fair was way fun. We had some pretty good success with the acting in the streets, and the postcards show was very well received. Suffice to say that the theatre was packed, and many hoots and hollers were heard when the actual boobs were revealed. It was by all accounts, hootastic. Of course the big hit was Carl (older and more portly than all the other men in the cast) playing the "old gentleman with peculiar tastes" who bares his bum (well the side of it anyway) to get threatened by very cute Jessica-in-the-maid-costume and a rug beater. The miracle was that all of the scenes happened right on cue, even though we had only really rehearsed it three times. I predict packed houses for the run of fair.

All of the other stuff was so nice too. The singing by the Coventry Carolers (I was way too tired to sing with them today) in the breezeway stage was oh so very nice. Sharon and I had the opportunity to go dancing a couple of waltzes, and do some nice strolling and shopping. Our friends Lisa, Dory and Mary were there (hi guys!) and we had fun hanging out with them too. Mary and I even tried a polka at Fezziwigs, but we got embarrassed off the dance floor by people who dance way better than we did.

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving was really very nice except for the impromptu cocktails made with Martinellis sparkling apple cider. I do not recommend this product as a mixer under any circumstances.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you need SLEEP, not triumph. GO TO BED. NOW.