Thursday, December 15, 2005

The end is near

If you don't go to Dickens Fair this weekend, you are out of luck dude. It promises to be a great time. The "last weekend effect" will be in effect. There will be the awards, that are sometimes regarded as stupid especially by the non-recipients. Of course Naughty French Postcards is nominated for best stage show. I predict a huge win, or at least a repeat of the giant throbbing crowds of people wanting to see the show.

We'll all be "Happy Christmasing" our way through the streets and playing our little in-joke pranks on each other. Saturday night at eight is the participants only NFP show. Something tells me that the script and or blocking will get enhanced somehow. I will pay close attention and report any discrepancies to you my loyal readers.

Between then and now we have another work/school day, and some laundry to do. Pretty exciting isn't it?

Tonight I have a cold and I am at the lovely coughing-up-junk stage. At least it's colorful. As soon as we can get the youngest flaming scroller into bed I plan to sit down with an adult beverage and a movie and forget that I feel lousy.


Anonymous said...

Script/blocking "enhancements"? Boy, that sounds like a challenge, doesn't it, Jessica? I think we're going to need to speak with Josh.

Mr. Bob, please get over your yucky cold! We don't want you to be all sniffly!

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon! boobs!

Anonymous said...

Funny, somebody else mentioned the same thing last Sunday for either the participants only show, or our last show this Sunday.

I was thinking about a mans head coming up out of my bathtub...Hmmm.
*evil grin*

Unknown said...

Thanks for the sympathy gals. Jessica, your idea is pure evil. I suggest you get Mr Jeff to pop up there. He would be forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you HAVE to do it.

Anonymous said...

He has that great 'stach too.