Monday, December 05, 2005

The tree in my yard

falling leaves made me think about the passing seasons

seldom seen
ceaselessly imagined
a future exists in all things

dimensions unknown
sheathed in gossamer
unexpressed until realized

we shine in sunlight
full of life
nurturing ourselves and kin
giving shaded comfort all below

our delicate lines and form
our colors and patterns
emblazon the sky
flutter in the breeze


leaves withered and fading
fall through crisp air to cold soil
reminders of our bound fate

what will remain when we wither
falling away from our twig
where we shone brightly
and gave everything of our selves

standing beside myself
I wonder
what will remain

the tree casts a shadow at my feet
reaching to the clear sky above
sunlight streams across my face

Fair was lots of fun. You should come visit, unless you are already there of course.

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