Sunday, December 25, 2005

Very Merry Indeed

I hope your Christmas is going so well you are tickled pink.
Here's a bit of mine.

Remember that beard issue I was having...
It was so bad I was frowning.

I fixed that. But I still need a haircut!

So that caroling party was fun...

So fun it was blurry!

And one gift in particular was blogworthy...

All smiles.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

What a happy, handsome family!!

The party was WAY, WAY too much fun. Getting naked in the hot tub with the Colliers in the wee hours of any morning is way cool. Way.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I ended up missing the party, it sounds like it was great. But I thought of you and the rest of the gang often over the course of the evening.


Unknown said...

Thanks Peg. The pleasure was ours. Sounds like you've had some eggnog! :-)

Nathan, we thought of you too!