Wednesday, December 07, 2005

So long, Frank Lloyd Wright

I like that song. It is a little sad and haunting, but at the same time it celebrates someone's life and what they left behind for others. It ends with:
So long, Frank Lloyd Wright,
All of the nights we'd harmonize till dawn.
I never laughed so long
So long
So long
Sunday at Fair we had martinis, or as someone called them, "Colliertinis". We ran out of olives, and the glassware (OK paper cups) was decidedly far down the luxury scale. I had to keep going back to the Green Man bar to get ice, and we nearly ran out of vermouth. (I drank the rest last night in a single martini.) Maybe backstage at Fair is not the ideal place for mixed drinks...

Except that they were really quite popular. It seems that just about everyone there was a martini aficionado. I'll bring a shaker just in case someone else supplies all the other stuff. *hint*

None of you slackers faithful readers have commented on my excellent haunting and sad poem from Monday. Maybe that is just as well. Perhaps I should use my poetry powers for happy not sad. I'll see if I can get my muse on.

My good buddy Walter sent me this link on a site that shows you how to tie knots. I think it's cool.


Anonymous said...

Poetry in a blog always seems to me to be a single, standing statement, rather than something requiring comment and discussion. Keep em coming.
And please keep making the mixed drinks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Remind me, and I'll bring some gin.

They were the best martinis ever.

Anonymous said...

consider me reminded. there is a great big bottle of gin waiting to be taken to Fair.