Saturday, December 17, 2005

Off the hook dude

As predicted, Naughty French Postcards' later show after closing was packed, really funny, and had more of what makes the show so popular: Naked Boobs. Mr. Dickens himself appeared onstage with a bare breasted corset model (nice work Anita), and we even got Scrooge up there shining in "headlights" if you get my drift. We even had Queen Victoria onstage. Jiminy Christmas, she has beautiful breasts.

It seems that some members of the cast had a few drinks prior to the show (shocking, I know) and the backstage cheering on was more enthusiastic. I'm sure that tomorrow night will be just as much fun.

The Fair was PACKED today, it seemed that everyone in the Bay Area was there, though it probably wasn't quite that many. People were still sick and missing, and tired, but all the scenes in Oliver went on schedule, with our Bet filling in as Nancy again. We have had more stand-in Nancys than real Nancy (Sarah). My voice was getting a little thin later in the day, and I think by tomorrow that Brownlow will sound more like Barry White than a British gentleman.

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