Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Life just happens

So I feel the "write a poem" feeling again so I think one will fall into my head and run out of my fingers pretty soon. Look out for it, with any luck it'll be as good as the last one I wrote which was way to mushy to share here.

Wow. The new microwave oven is way quieter than the old one.

So the singing is getting pretty good for Once Upon a Mattress. We're actually getting the harmonies done and learning all the bits. Our musical director is really sharp and good to work with. The practices are a great distraction from pretty much everything.

I had the most vivid and wierd dream on Monday morning. The family was on vacation in a motel that was actually on the tarmac of an airport and when I returned to my room after a shower and putting the children to bed in a separate building, the air conditioner (which was made of cast aluminum and about three inches by three inches by three inches) was spitting out sparks and hot air and so I went to the desk to try to get some help with it then I lost my way on the way back and bumped into a coffee table and met a man who was dressed in a tux just like everyone else except me who was in a bathrobe. It got stranger and more detailed from there. Oh yeah, all the rooms had mahogany wood paneling and mismatched curtains.


Anonymous said...

You guys sounded hecka sharp last night. I think this is going to be a good show!

Unknown said...

That's the only kind of show I do.

Anonymous said...

At least onstage, we've worked on some real turkeys backstage! :->