Friday, January 13, 2006

Yes, I did

Yup, got the camera. It was so cool I had to show it to nearly everyone at work. I may in fact be a geek. It takes better pictures faster than the old one and it has a much larger screen so one does not have to peer at the shot to try and tell if it is Aunt Martha or Uncle Joe. (Nice mint balls ya' got there unca Joe!) I wanted to take a comparison shot of both of the cameras, but that would take a THIRD camera which I don't have.

Then it hit me like a bolt of fabric! SCANNER!

By the way, I really HATE the HP software that came with the scanner. It is one of those dumbed down things where they feel it necessary to completely re-invent the user interface so it is NOTHING LIKE what you have become accustomed to in Windows. Absolutely nothing is intuitive and everything has cutsey names. And there are like four popup dialogs to get anything done. And one more thing, all of these stupid packages insist on creating a new folder called "My something or other" and having some sort of album management thingy, and preventing you from just saving the scan as a file where you want to put it. ARGH!

Here is the freaky picture.

Sorry it includes my stupid hand and not a nifty boob. One does what one can.

I crack myself up!


Anonymous said...

You could have held it in place with your boob, if you wanted.:-)
Smoochies, Me

Anonymous said...

Nice. What kind of camera did you get?

Unknown said...

Canon SD450
It's super duper.