Friday, January 20, 2006


Here comes the weekend. How did that happen? This week was kinda tough. I got less sleep than usual and the extra hours of rehearsal added up to one tired Bob. At least I'm witty which makes up for sleepy sometimes. I got some cool stuff done at work, but there are still some undone projects that are bugging me.

The rehearsals are going well. I'm unlearning some bad habits like singing during rests. Even the clapping stomping fiasco got better. There is hope after all. I like the people running the show, they are very organized. The Musical director has a very good demeanor, serious but easy to work with. So far no one in the cast seems to be flaky in the least. The cast looks to be about 20 people, so it should be fairly easy to get to know everyone. I haven't seen the theatre, but the rehearsal space looks better than some I've seen.

The director asked me last night if I could play Sir Studley (duh). OK, I only get about five lines, but at least I won't just be Knight 2.

Tomorrow should be fun with about eight ten year olds here to watch all the Star Wars movies in series. Both of the older kids have conveniently found other places to go. Hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Go Sir Studley!