Sunday, January 22, 2006

Meessa soooooo tired

Oh. My God. Take six ten year olds, a bunch of toy weapons, Star Wars movies, Star Wars video games, some hot dogs, a half dozen bags of chips, and lots of soda. Add some sleeping bags and camp mattresses. Shake together for a full 24 hours. FUN!!!!!

In between doing laundry (whoopee!) we spent most of the afternoon and evening telling the thundering hoards to not swing light sabers in the house, to not spill their cans of soda, and to "Play out there, not in here!" We finally got them to calm down long enough to actually watch some of the movies, although they insisted that they needed several "breaks" so they could make lots of rude noises while they jeered each other through yet another game. Talk about party animals.

Note: Do not allow underage drinkers to have caffeine ever again. Not even a little.

We retreated to the family room and had festive adult beverages. Jessamy bravely stuck by us while Andy abandoned ship and hung out with friends.

We watched Minority Report starring that most gifted of actors, Tom (every single character I have ever played is exactly the same no matter what the script says) Cruise. The movie was pretty good even though it didn't have any naked boobs in it. I don't know how one expects to tell a story about precognition of murder without flashing a bit of nipple, but apparently Spielberg was able to do it. The holographic computer displays and blue everything got to be a wee overdone, but the cars they drove were hella sick. (I frequently employ colloquial phrases that the youths use just so I can keep in touch with the younger generations. It also bugs the hell out of them and that's fricken funny.)

We spent the morning abed after verifying that the party guests had all survived the night. It turned out to be a splendid choice!


Anonymous said...

Bob, you and Sharon are braver than I am. Actually, you might be braver than anybody else I know either.


Unknown said...

We knew we had at least eight ounces of Bombay Sapphire on hand.