Monday, December 19, 2005

Finally, I can shave off this ridiculous beard

Well, the last day of fair was more interesting than most by quite a bit. The storm overnight had ovewhelmed the roof drains and there was quite a bit of flooding inside. Lots of stuff got wet. One more reason to pack your belongings home nightly. Fortunately, the adult beverages were all spared. After getting things mostly dry, activities started like normal, except everyone was dressing outside of the soaked tent areas. (not as bad as it sounds, by now everyone has seen just about everything there is to see)

Then lightning struck the transformer that feeds the Cow Palace and took out the power about 20 minutes before we were supposed to open. Flashlights instantly became more useful. Most people were dressed so lots of us headed out into to lend umbrellas and serve tea to the hundreds of people in line who were waiting in the rain. The tea was supplemented later by muffins and some other goodies, all of which were handed out free for the asking as a thanks to the people waiting in the rain. Lots of people started fair carrying several pounds or water in their coats. The delay in getting people into fair and heavy turnout led to an hour long line, an hour after fair started. Yikes.

The power remained out for nearly two hours so the decision was made to extend closing time by an hour. The delayed opening thrashed play schedules, and led to some confusion and skipped scenes. Things settled down after a while and nobody got really bent about it. Due to the late closing, and immense demand, the Naughty French Postcards added a show. Later we found out that the people who saw the last show waited two hours(!) to get in. Holy crap!

Mysteriously, the gin bottle was empty when we went to make the 3PM martinis. hmmm.

The Monks interrogation went so well that it was hard to stop. I kept smacking Monks (Michael) with my gloves every time he contradicted me. This stopped even more people in the street. Then I would circle through the crowd all the while upbraiding Monks and demanding that he tell all. By the end we were surrounded by at least fifty people.

Immediately following the interrogation I went off to the back to back postcards shows. There were several substitutes, but both shows went smoothly. In the last show The Angels did a Charlies Angels pose, which was funny, but not as funny as when the The Youth of Athens slowly reached up one by one to grab David's naked butt. The audience howled. I got pictures. If you are really nice to me and send a pleading email, maybe I'll send you one.

Lots of goodbyes, then we packed the Suburban to the brim and headed home, exhausted.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, there was onlyenough gin in the bottle for a half a cup.

Anonymous said...

"Finally, I can shave off this ridiculous beard"

You and me both. Enjoying my face again after 2 months of infuriating itching and discovering the astringent qualities of beer.... :)

Happy Holidays!

Your Favorite Baddie,
Bill "Nothin' Says I Loves Ya Like 'Va Back 'a me Hand" Sikes

Anonymous said...

Whip It Good,Big Boy!

If I thought getting slapped around would draw such a crowd... we'd've done it sooner. ( The Rose Maylie judo chops were a hoot too! )

(there. I've read your doofy blog! happy? )

Anonymous said...

The audience howled, but the actors backstage nearly had coronaries. Oh. My. God. That was so freaking funny.