Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Am having drinkie

Mint Julep (again)

Got a lot more sleep last night than usual but I had the WIERDEST dream.

We were going somewhere which turned out to be an exact copy of my dad's house except that the fireplace end of the living room had been greatly extended into a great room that had a large pool, large dining table, and a kitchen, and the house was the home of a very large family. Then the house turned into a place that we were staying in and when we left we had to take out numerous wood screws with flat bladed screwdrivers and remove unpainted plywood panels, because these constituted the door. We ended up with handfuls of screws. Then in the yard Sharon found an original artwork that was by someone famous, but I don't know who. Then we were at a circus tent sort of place where workmen were having a hard time getting something connected way up high and I showed them how to get that done using a bosun's chair, which strangely I was able to feel on my skin, which never happens to me in dreams. (I usually only see things, not feel them)

Sharon topped me by having a dream that had wine with octopus essence, and a similar vegetarian wine without the octopus essence. What the hell could that mean?

Oh and the patio is coming along nicely, but the visual isn't so exciting, so no pictures.


Anonymous said...

Don't ask me, I suck at interpreting dreams. But it's so *you* to be dreaming about hardware.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

No jewels, I have never lived in Alabama.

Unknown said...

And jewels, I'm a staunch atheist just so you are forwarned. I read your blog and we don't seem to have that in common. :) Your more than welcome to read my thoughts, but don't expect anything pious.