Wednesday, August 10, 2005

zoom zoom zoom

After looking at a few houses (lousy, tiny, better than the first time) we got our act together and did something fun. Danny and I rode a jet ski for an hour. I don't have pictures since we already proved the camera was not waterproof last year.

Danny wanted to go fast, but the lake was a little choppy. We got up to 50 MPH a few times, which is really friggin fast when the spray is hitting you in the face and you are bouncing off of 2 foot high chop. We had a few good hops over some wakes and ended up pretty wet.

Everyone else went out shopping. Nothing like retail therapy for bored travelers.

We went out to a nice Mexican food dinner. One odd note was the fellow at the next table that had gone on a little walk which freaked out the family and then they all had a very emotional "discussion" about it. This is with two little kids at the table. Nobody seemed happy at all. Then they left and things calmed down really good.

Yesterday Sharon painted this nice picture while sitting by the lake.


Anonymous said...

Did I mention that you guys have all the fun?

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