Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Relax, don't do it

Somtimes you just need to have a snack before dinner. Sometimes you may want to have a drink with your snack. I suggest the following combo:
A Bombay Sapphire martini (with floating ice fragments) and Guittard chocolate chips. Of course you can always add in some Trader Joes Wasabi Cashews like Sharon just brought home.

I had fun with the meme but I'd like to add #6 *Bad Movies* like this. Hey, My review is the second most popular! Vote for mine to push it to the top!!! (Because I like to win!)


Anonymous said...

Well, I was getting all warm and fuzzy looking at the martini, but CHOCOLATE? AND GIN? Are you totally deranged?

That makes the baby Jesus cry.

Unknown said...

I was having beef jerky too. Does that help?

Anonymous said...

I'm so conflicted.