Friday, August 19, 2005

Can you say County Fair?

We went to the County Fair last night. We went to see our friends' garden they won a first place ribbon for. It was really nice, with a water feature made of a slide, plants in a little boat, and all sorts of pretty garden stuff. That was cool.

But OMFG what a load of junk they were selling in the main room. Like complicated leather purses for $12, endless arrays of gadgets, tacky jewlery, burial plots, Green Party literature, stuff to clean your shoes. It went on and on. The baked goods displays were nice, but there was a fellow doing a hypnosis show with a bunch of audience members on stage. He was trying to get them to act like Michael Jacson when he said the word "ticket". I didn't see any MJ impersonations. We looked in several display halls.

There were nice textile crafts, just a few steps away from the bungee jump on a crane. (The girl we saw jump was watched very carefully, I half expected her to pop out of her top, I suppose half of the audience did too.) There were all the carnival food vendors you would expect (we had a funnel cake, and a gyro), and unfortunately we arrived too late to see the pig races.

There was no end to the bad custom decorations in every imaginable tacky motif, tee shirts to advertise where in Mexico you had *emigrated* from, reggae paraphenalia, and really amateur sales people. And I have not seen that many unattractive people in one place in a long time.

It was pretty good fun. If I had taken my camera I would have posted some really funny pictures.


Anonymous said...

Jeepers, and all I did was sit at home and knit.

Anonymous said...

I think it's against the law to go to a county fair without a camera. Boobs.

Unknown said...

The typical pattern is you go somewhere with your camera and you don't see anything worth looking at. When you don't have your camera, everything you see is noteworthy and you wish you could get a shot of it so you could put it on your blog. Boobs.

Anonymous said...

That's why my camera is with me always, because you never know when there will be boobs.

Unknown said...

Thank Saint Kodak for inventing the concept of naked pictures that transcend the realism of the most realistic paintings. Or was it really Minnie Driver like in that movie "The Governess"

Anonymous said...