Monday, August 08, 2005

Tally Ho!

Well we made it to Tahoe, after packing most of our belongings in the Suburban, and driving a whole bunch, whereupon the children began having "room selection issues". We sorted it out but that took a couple of months off of our lives. We established an Internet connection. We met the huge neighbor doggie. We then went shopping for groceries, then it was off to dinner. Our fav restaurant changed their menu and it is now very expensive and ho-hum at the exact same time, plus the service was truly slow. (= $15 tip on $150 meal) Then it was off to Albertsons for a blow up boat.

Now the kids are watching one of the 25 or so DVD's we dragged up. Star Trek TNG, with Tasha Yar no less.

Tomorrow we conquer, um, something.

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Anonymous said...

You guys have all the fun.