Thursday, August 04, 2005

The end begins

Tonight is the last Thursday performance for Miracle Worker (and my family is finally going to be there along with about 4 other friends! Hooray!) and the end is in sight. I'm sure by Saturday it'll be all good and we'll have a nice time at the party after the strike. Still it will be strange not seeing everyone again in a few more days. I'm sure it will be different.

To soothe my soul on separation from the cramped little backstage area called a dressing room, I'll be on vacation in the wide open spaces of Tahoe for a week and a day. It promises to be pretty good. We may come back, but no promises.

Yes, I'll post pictures from the trip as we go, and I'll get your email and comments. But I think we will be faced with the horror of DIAL-UP while we're there so don't bother sending me any huge multimedia extravaganzas. (I hope that is the correct plural of extravaganza.)

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