Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The messenger

Today I suddenly had the same feeling that I had after my father died: a sense that things had changed forever, and that I had lost something unique and treasured.

Nine years after Dad died, I still grieve, wishing I could tell him things that happened to me, ask him what he would do, or just talk with him. He was a very good fellow, and now I see how much I am like him. He liked to laugh, and pleasure was important to him, enough so that he made time to enjoy things. I do those things too.

I intend to laugh and make time enjoy things, but not today.


Anonymous said...

hugs and boobs.

Anonymous said...

Grief is like that, cyclical. It reveals itself at odd moments, when you least expect it. Even the little ones. The bigger ones come around a bit more frequently. Grief is what gives life its poignancy. It is a vital and necessary part of being human. May you hold your grief lightly and give it space to run its course.

Unknown said...

You always say the nicest things Nathania.