Friday, August 12, 2005

Having. Too. Much. Fun.

Wow, even though we only ate lunch and went to the beach today we are all wiped out (more or less). This is because we got up at 3:30 AM AKA prior to the butt crack of dawn, to watch the Perseid meteor shower. It was more like a drizzle. We saw nine shooting stars in 90 minutes, about 10 times less than advertised.

We did have a nice dinner last night at the darkest, most cramped restaurant in the Tahoe basin. The place is called Bacchis and it has been there since time began. Dinner was really great, family style Italian where they bring you a big bowl of soup, a big bowl of salad, antipasto, relishes, then the bring the entrees. It was the best we've had so far, and not that much more than the pedestrian fare we have had elsewhere.

Then it was off to the beach. Plenty of swimming. We also took lots of pictures. Our real estate agent wanted us to come into the office to sign a counteroffer, but Sharon did not want to get out of the water, so he came down to the beach so we could make a counteroffer on the place we bid on before. Maybe it'll work, maybe not. I'll post some pictures in a while.

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